Privacy Policy

Administration of the Keli online store  guarantees the complete confidentiality of information received from registered users.

All the information you specify when registering will be stored in a secure database. Online store "Kels"  guarantees complete confidentiality in order execution, as well as the fact that the buyer information will be used only for executing an entered order.

We need your registration data solely so that our managers can contact you by phone, and the delivery service was able to deliver the goods ordered by you to the right place on time. In addition, by registering, you can receive information about all the news of our store: new arrivals, sales, special programs.

If you have any problems or questions about authorization-registration in the store - write to the email address (Hidden), and we will always help you!

Representatives of the online store "Kels" will never ask you to have a plastic card data or other confidential details.


Some objects posted on the site are the intellectual property of the online store "Kels" . The use of such objects is established by the current legislation of Ukraine.

On the website of the online store "Kels"  has links that allow you to go to other sites. The online store "Kels"  is not responsible for information published on these sites, and provides links to them only to ensure convenience for visitors to their site.

Personal information and safety:

The online store "Kels"  guarantees that no information received from you and under any circumstances will not be provided to third parties, except in cases provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine.

In certain circumstances, the online store "Kels" may ask you to register and provide personal information. The information provided is used exclusively when processing an order in the online store or to provide a visitor to access to special information.

Personal information can be changed, updated or deleted at any time in the "Personal Account" section.

In order to provide you with information of a certain kind, the online store "Kels"  from your explicit consent can send email information to the address specified when registering. At any time you can refuse it.

Like many other sites, the online store "Kels"  uses cookies with which it is configured to work personally with you. In particular, without this technology, work with a basket is impossible.

Information on this site is purely informative, any changes may be made to them without any prior notice..

By registering in the system, you agree to the security policy and information protection.

Data protection

Any information that the User provides the Administration of the Store cannot be disclosed or transferred to third parties, except the cases described by the legislation of Ukraine..

Obtaining personal information

To register on the store website, the user is obliged to make some personal information, such as name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone, etc. Part of personal information can also be provided to the bank or payment system, if the provision of this information is due to the procedure for transferring funds to the payment system, the services of which the user wants to use, as well as a third-party company for the tasks of the user delivered. These structures cannot use information provided for extraneous purposes, except in cases described in the legislation of Ukraine. Also, when buying a commodity in the store, the seller is reported to contact details for communication with the buyer. Website users who are in the sponsor branch of the partner can see its data, such as the name, first and last letter of the name and date of registration.

Control of personal information

To monitor personal information in the system, personal data verification mechanisms are implemented. Responsibility for any consequences of providing unreliable data lies with the user. If some data has changed, the user is obliged to correct the data in the system on its own, or contact the Keli online store manager to make adjustments.


When registering, each user receives an email letter confirming its successful registration. Users can receive information from the company with additional information services.


The site may contain links to other sites. Online store "Kels" is not responsible for the content, quality and security policy of these sites. This confidentiality application applies only to information posted directly on the store website.


Online store "Kels" ensures the security of user accounts from unauthorized access. To access the closed personal part of the site (Personal Account), the user must enter the user ID (login) and password. The user is obliged to store the data of his account secret. It is forbidden to transfer this information to third parties. If the user believes that the password has become unsafe, he can change it after entering the personal account.

Administration of the online store "Kels" reserves the right at any time without a warning of the user to change the conditions of the security policies indicating the date of the editorial board. The user is obliged to independently follow the changes in the text of the security policy.