Warranty for the goods

Regulations on the guarantee

The online store "Kels" guarantees a high level of quality of all its jewelry, compliance with the requirements of DSTU 3527-97 "Zolotar's products from valuable materials", and provides three years of warranty service for gold jewelry under the condition of the proper operation of jewelry.

List of warranty repair services:

  • elimination of defects arising from the fault of the manufacturer.
  • Polishing and ultrasonic cleaning of products.

To obtain warranty repair services, the client must provide the manufacturer:

  • Commodity invoice or check on the purchase of a product;
  • Barcode tag.

ATTENTION! During the entire warranty period, you should store a tag with barcode and characteristics of the jewelry. Without it, we will not be able to take the product and perform warranty repairs.

Services on warranty services are not provided in the following cases:

  • the presence of mechanical damage and defects caused by improper operation;
  • the presence of traces of interaction with chemicals, high temperatures, etc.
  • If the service or repair of the jewelry is made not by the manufacturer.
  • Changing the design and design features of products.

Rules of operation (use) jewelry

The existing rules apply to all jewelry and inserts.

  1. Jewelry should be operated (used) in conditions excluding:
    • 1.1 Careless, incorrect or improper operation (various mechanical damage to the product or insertion)
    • 1.2 Contact with acids and alkalis (including detergent and washingal);
    • 1.3 Interaction with substances containing chlorine, iodine, mercury, sulfur and their compounds (may contain, for example, in cosmetics and in the water of the pool)
    • 1.4 Contact with solvents (for example, lacquer removal fluid, stainstress or detergent);
    • 1.5 Effect of open fire, high, low and rapid temperatures on insertion and on the product (for example, in the sauna and in solarium)
    • 1.6 The effect of dyes;
    • 1.7 The effect of abrasive substances and materials (for example, nail file, domestic cleaning agents or toothpaste);
    • 1.8 Negative effect of radiation (for example, radioactive, x-ray and ultraviolet)
    • 1.9 Contact with chemicals that can cause damage to the product.
  2. Do not use ultrasound cleaning at home. The effect of the ultrasonic apparatus can lead to a damage or insertion.
  3. Store each product separately in a soft case to avoid scratches and chips.