About Us

"Keli" is not just a company name.

Keli is the name of the daughter of the founder of the company. A name that motivates, inspires and warms the heart every minute, this is the meaning of his life.

The history of the company began in the Antwerp city, Belgium. Here, in 1977, the founder of the enterprise, Shalva Bazov, began to implement his inexhaustible original ideas in the form of jewelry. In 1999, it was decided to establish the Private Enterprise "Kelly" in the city of Vinnitsa, Ukraine, where, thanks to the solidarity with the same real professionals, the work of the jeweler from Antwerp received a new development.

"Here I was able to combine the European style of jewelry and the high quality of the work of Ukrainian craftsmen. To create exclusive jewelry with love from the heart to the hands of the buyer."

  • Why choose us

Collections of the "Keli" enterprise live and are constantly renewed. They feature exclusive products and elegant stylish things that are available to a wide audience. Their impeccable workmanship provides advanced technologies of the jewelry industry, as well as high-quality handwork, so all jewelry keeps the warmth of our craftsmen's hands. Our catalog is ready to offer you countless interesting options. With manufacturer's price.

Showcase your uniqueness from the comfort of your home.

  • Worthy service

Working with jewelry every day, we know that there are things more important than gold and diamonds. What is “Keli” based on, what do we value above all else?

An individual approach to each client and qualified advice on all issues of interest. Free delivery from the online store "Keli" will be provided to any city in Ukraine. We are very responsible and creative in creating our jewelry, we love our work and delight our customers.

  • Our details    

Private enterprise "Keli"

Ukraine, 21034, Vinnytsia region, t. Vinnytsia, Maxim Shimko street, building 46-B 

EDRPOU code 30362831

Private enterprise "Keli" is a single tax and VAT payer.